Ashley Botten Design


Influenced by fashion, architecture, design and art, Ashley Botten Design takes a thoughtful and collaborative approach to designing interiors. Each project is a journey of inspiration and discovery, which leads to details that reflect memories, interpret dreams and quietly pushes boundaries.

Introducing Series 1. The Apple Box [by ABD]

The original influence for these pieces comes from apple boxes used on film, video and photography sets. The utilitarian nature of the apple box is used as a tool to gain height when shooting a subject. It is straight forward in its form and highly valuable in its function.

Our approach reflects upon the fundamentals of the apple box while elevating it for use in an interior setting. Our creative mission: How can we take something simple in form and function and explore our design ethos while maintaining its simplicity? The box structure becomes refined with a selection of solid wood species treated and finished by hand, while the thoughtfully selected natural stone completes each curated piece. This process brings the unassuming apple box to another level with its fine details and materials.

Join us as we honour Series 1. The Apple Box [by ABD] on November 29th by contacting us below.