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During the winter months, I require mindful navigation to avoid feeling low and prevent burnout. My daily calendar is packed with back-to-back conversations with the team, clients, builders and my kids (throw in travel) on repeat. Here are my go-to musts that always bring me back to my best self.

xx ashley

jaybird movement

A few steps down from the urban chaos of Bloor Street is this moody and enwrapping space that immediately takes my mindset to another level. Walking into the candlelit room to prepare for 50 minutes of me-time provides an overall feeling of excitement and energy. The instruction is encouraging, and the music empowers me to push my body to see how hard it can work while giving it space to do what it needs. I always leave Jaybird hot, sweaty, and mentally refreshed. Love it.

u of t

Sometimes, I just need to step out of my front door and walk. I live near the University of Toronto’s St. George campus, which has space to wander. The history of this campus gets me every time. The historic architecture and the brilliant minds that they continue to feed inspire and invigorate me. The sounds of the city in the distance are drowned out by the sounds coming from my earbuds while my thoughts drift to faraway places. I need that.

forma pilates

Forma is my home away from home. Getting buzzed in from the under-the-radar doorway on a busy street in NYC sets the tone of this purposeful and intimate session. This private studio is lined with reformers waiting for me to spend an hour pushing my limits to the core (literally). The work is personal and deliberate. Every move is made with intention, which makes the burn and exertion every bit as rewarding as the vitalized feeling I have when I leave.

the class

While I make The Class part of my schedule when I’m in New York, I love it so much that their virtual classes are a part of my home routine. The instructors lead with a fierceness that inspires my body yet allows for grace. The music is loud, and the encouragement to get verbal with your exertion is wicked. I am utterly exhausted every time and ready to start my day in the best possible way.

restored movement

What would I do without Caroline Orrego and her magical hands? While I like to think I can channel inner peace by silently counting to five, Caroline really does rub the tension right out of me. She practices her craft so passionately. She is not just a masseuse but a healer who brings comfort and relief. I have such gratitude for her skills and her kindness. Amazing. xx Caroline