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factory tour with christophe delcourt

In May 2018 I had the most amazing opportunity offered to me from Avenue Road–10 designers (including myself) were invited to travel to Italy and France with a few members of their team as they introduced us to the brilliant and unique artists behind some of the brands that Avenue Road carries.

A stand-out day for me was travelling to the country side to visit the shop of Christophe del Court where the Bui side table is fabricated. This is truly an old school shop, and to be able to visit this space and meet the craftspeople whose hands create the pieces we suggest to our clients was absolutely amazing. I really resonate with Christophe del Court’s love of making things and the hard work, respect and patience for his craft.

After our shop visit, we had a beautiful lunch close by surrounded by a gorgeous view, then headed back to Paris where we walked the showroom. The vibe here felt so personal and intimate… which showcases the genuine, soulful pieces so harmoniously.  After our showroom tour, we went back to our hotel and cleaned up for dinner. To be able to talk about the day over dinner with Christophe del Court, the Avenue Road team and other designers was the absolute perfect ending to a magnificent experience.

I loved every minute of this inspiring, insightful and inclusive day. Thank you so much to Stephan Weishaupt for your generosity and providing me with this extraordinary, once in a lifetime adventure which was so influential to me in so many ways. What a gift.