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In December, abd launched our first collection of home accessories and other nice things. Our inaugural collection includes 14 handcrafted products designed by abd, including vases, wooden boards, notepads, gift wrapping, a chocolate heart and a few other artful objects that are particularly dear to us. We could not have done this collection without so many creative people coming together. We are thrilled to have worked with local artists, fabricators, carpenters, papermakers and chocolatiers, who each contributed their incredible skills to make our debut product line so special.

One exciting feature of the new abd collection is the inclusion of partnerships with artists I admire. When I first came across Nancy Pearce, I knew I wanted to work with her. Based in L.A., Nancy finds joy in everyday objects, like toothpaste tubes and fidget spinners. She turns these domestic items into works of art by casting them in solid bronze.

I loved her work immediately and decided to call her up. From there, we brought our unique sensibilities together to form a limited-edition series that is both fun and personal. We chose to cast three objects that have been part of my household for years: a small glass cup found at a flea market, and a wooden basin and spoon our family has used since forever as a salt dish at the dinner table.

Blue Cup, Salt Bowl and Wooden Spoon are now on sale as a signature engraved edition of 25 and part of the abd collection.

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