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"hearts are in my soul" - ab

After so much time in lockdown, we are missing the buzz and hum of the studio and the daily joy that comes when working altogether in one space. That’s why we’ve decided to big-up the month of February with a whole lot of love.

As some of you already know, hearts are near and dear to me. They have been part of my life since I was a kid. Over the years, red hearts have come to define important moments in my life, both creatively and personally. I remember coveting a heart-covered blouse by Prada when I first saw it on the Italian designer’s fashion runway in the 1990s (my husband later bought it for me). When I was pregnant with my first daughter, Charlie, I came across a tiny red chair with a heart-shaped back. Made by Spanish designer Águeda Isabel Ruiz de la Prada, it was later given to me as a gift when Charlie was born. I still adore that chair.

In tribute to my heart-felt passion for hearts I am thrilled to announce our studio is donating a portion of our product sales to support the Labatt Family Heart Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). We’re excited to launch this campaign with a limited-edition heart-shaped bowl, made in collaboration with L.A. artist, our dear friend and ongoing creative soulmate, Nancy Pearce.

Nancy is known for preserving objects that have all but disappeared from our everyday lives, like floppy disks and cassette tapes. She turns them into modern-day artifacts by casting them in solid bronze. We love her sense of humour and her deep appreciation for the smaller things in life, where so many memories are made.

She agreed to collaborate on this exclusive project, to help us launch our commitment in supporting the Labatt Family Heart Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). I am beyond thrilled to be aligning my love for hearts with a foundation that is devoted to helping fix tiny hearts and ensure children live happier, healthier lives.

Made exclusively to kick-off our donation drive, this limited-edition bowl is handcrafted and polished to reflective perfection in cast bronze. Heart bowl is now available online as a signature-engraved limited edition of 20.

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say it with chocolate

Chocolate is our other addiction, and, to date, our biggest heart is made with rich dark chocolate and filled with a creamy ganache interior that simply melts in your mouth. Each delicious heart is elegantly nested in its own paper bowl made in Japan.
Order now, if you want to receive our big heart in time for Valentine’s Day. We are also allowing for pick-up at our studio.

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a selection of inspiring handcrafted objects and other nice things for the home

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