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Over two years in the making, I am thrilled to announce the launch of two new carpets designed by abd in collaboration with The Rug Company, makers of the most luxurious handcrafted carpets in the world.

The evolution of this incredible moment goes back to when I was a child and my love for drawing lines and dots. When I was a kid, I would spend hours in my room doodling. Drawing is still at the root of all of my work. It’s where I am most creative. It frees my mind and allows me to play and explore without inhibition. I always strive to reveal in my work that sense of unrestrained joy.

Collaborating now with The Rug Company seems almost fated. Fashion is what initially drew me to their products. I am a big fan of Vivienne Westwood and, on a trip to New York years ago, I bought a pillow she made for TRC. That was the first time I could see how two of my favourite creative platforms—fashion and design—could come together. It made me think about interior design in a whole new way.

It is remarkable that I am now launching two carpets for the same company and with designs so deeply connected to my personal history. The rug called Life expresses my passion for linear marks and dots grouped in uneven numbers. That gentle line-and-dot pattern, now realized in pastel hues, is so soothing and elegantly expressive I can easily imagine it fitting seamlessly into almost any room.

The carpet called Shattered is based on the idea of a mirror and the star shape that forms when its surface is cracked. With this composition, I wanted to see how I could recreate the look of a reflective surface using a non-reflective material. To achieve that look, we built up a palette of tufted wool in 47 tonal gradations.

Each cut-pile carpet is exquisitely hand-knotted in Tibetan wool and silk.

This project is an incredible high-point in my career and my gratitude goes to my colleagues at Avenue Road in Toronto. Without their support, knowledge and friendship, it would have never happened. Thank you!

For more information on our collaboration, please visit The Rug Company

Photography by Carl Ostberg