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ski chalet condo

In July 2019, I had the opportunity to visit a job site in Aspen that I worked on remotely from Toronto. In a time before Zoom calls, this Aspen project is a testament to old fashioned communication through drawings. The saying “Teamwork makes the dream work” aptly applies here. The client also lives in Toronto and was very involved, loved the process and was the one travelling back and forth to keep things moving ahead with the contractor. Weekly, daily and sometimes hourly calls kept us to the task- to take the existing condominium at the bottom of the mountain, and make it feel warm and cozy like a wood cabin.

When I arrived I was so excited to walk through the front door and it was everything that I had envisioned. Moncer white oak blankets the floors and walls, while finished plywood covers the ceilings creating a unified space. Closets are concealed within the walls, which keeps lines clean and storage discreet. As avid art collectors, the clients wanted wall space and kept their personal collection in mind as the project developed and provided perfect spots for pieces that they wanted to share.

Furniture was selected and shipped from Toronto and all beds were custom made specifically for the space… a built-in bunk bed configuration for 4 makes for a kids sleepover dream. (my kids and their friends can attest to that) The custom kitchen is a thoughtfully planned space where entertaining isn’t sacrificed for day to day routines before hitting the slopes.

Our week in Aspen was a lifelong travel highlight for sure. Not only is this town filled with beautiful energy I’ve never experienced elsewhere, but the backdrop and landscape also fill your soul. So when I think of the vibe of the condo- it doesn’t fall far from how Aspen made me feel. It was such an easy place to stay, so welcoming, comfortable and if I don’t say so myself… absolutely stunning.