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Over the years, I have dressed many beds and linen is one of my favourite textiles for the bedroom. I love its naturally wrinkled texture and slightly dishevelled appearance. It expresses a warmth that’s irresistibly welcoming. When the team at abd is invited to stock a client’s linen closet, these are the shops we make sure to check out.

Society Limonta

This Italian textile company is over a century old and yet it still pushes boundaries with patterns, colours and weights that change with the seasons. Society Limonta’s overall informal yet sublime aesthetic always presents beautifully, whether the bed is made or not.


photos from eu.societylimonta.com


My fave feel-good sheets come from IN BED, a 100% female-owned and operated Australian company that works with environmentally responsible suppliers to inspire positive change. Their linens are made with eco-friendly dyes and are softened using volcanic stones rather than hard chemicals.


photos from inbedstore.com


When I’m on the lookout for luxury bedding that’s crisp and classic, Olatz is where I go. Originally from Spain, the shop has an off-shoot location in New York’s West Village. We love how the multi-pleaded borders featured on its Vienna pillow shams look so clean and starched, especially when placed on a well-made bed.


photos from Olatz.com


Lithuanian interior designer Inga Lukauskiene founded LinenMe to encourage people to slow down and chill in comfort with sheets and covers so cozy that once underneath them it’s hard to crawl back out. We’re all for that. LinenMe’s bedding is gorgeous, soft to the touch, and with each washing, the threads relax more and more, losing some of linen’s natural rigidity and taking on inviting wear and warmth.


photos from linenme.ca


Whenever I’m in Paris, I visit Merci, a fabulous home accessories store with an eclectic eye for functional beauty. Their shop online is equally rich, with linen, cotton gauze and percale cotton bedding available in earth tones, neutral shades and ticking stripes. Each collection is inspired by and playfully named after French towns and Parisian landmarks. Pure joie!


photos from merci-merci.com

main banner image from eu.societylimonta.com

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