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and finding the unfound

I love finding beautiful things.

The exhilaration of the hunt, the thrill of discovery and magic of the find… THIS is it for me.

It excites me.
I thrive on it.
I’m known for it!

I find inspiration in what I am reading, the music I listen to, in galleries I spend time in and new places that I visit. I love the artistic execution of making beautiful things, this is very meaningful to me. Finding the unfound is about being current and satisfies my instinctual curiosity of keeping an eye out there. 24/7. My eyes and mind are constantly curating and being inspired by others; how they experience the world, what they make and how they see it.

What someone else can find overwhelming, I find incredibly intriguing and am very confident in my visual language. Getting lost in my imagination of creating a space is so invigorating for me. I love finding a piece that hasn’t spoken to me before, and that speaks to the space I am curating with such ease.  When the textures and shapes of the right art piece, furniture, faucet, flower or scent layer onto each other, they are able to create a beautiful and harmonious moment. This brings me a sense of peace.

Surrounding yourself with meaningful things creates a space that is comforting, one that you want to come back to and which becomes an extension of who you are…. And this is what I want to create for our clients. I want them to come home and have that same sense of peace as they live day to day in the space that we created. Appreciating not only the physical beauty of the pieces that were selected, but the beauty of how they layer on each other to bring a vibe that embraces our client, their way of life and how they live it.

Allowing their home to bring them peace, stability and empowerment.

After all, they deserve it. Especially these days.

x debra

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