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Ashley Botten

Part artistic experiment, part ingenious fundraiser, Dinner by Design offered us a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of how a dining space should look and feel.

Dinner by Design was a fundraising event to support Casey House, a hospital in Toronto that specializes in HIV/AIDS care and also provides compassionate and judgment-free home care and outreach programs. This fundraiser and exhibit showcased Toronto’s top designers, architects, and decorators who were given the task to curate a three-dimensional dining exhibit to showcase their style, taste and personality. The Design Exchange’s historic Trading Floor was transformed for guests to experience innovative design and enjoy fresh and wonderful foods, all within good company and supporting a good cause.

For the ABD pavilion, we lined the walls and floor in Birch plywood, giving the room an unpretentious vibe inspired by our ongoing Apple Box studies. We got our hands happily dirty by designing a custom-built oversized round lazy susan dining table and spectacular rectangular brass mirror which will beautifully tarnish over time. The fabulous sculptural seating by StackLab allowed us to play with shape and scale and lent themselves to our aspiration for an unpretentious atmosphere. As final touches, a running loop of Heather Ogden by photographer Christopher Wahl played throughout, and Tsé & Tsé’s barely there handmade-paper string lights were artfully suspended from the ceiling.

It was a wonderful night with colleagues and friends and an honour to be able to lend our support to Casey House.