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an intimate celebration of design

With the showroom’s opening, I’ve been sensing the rumble of change as our studio becomes a more welcoming place for guests to visit. Having an intimate dinner in the space first hatched from a desire to connect with a few of my favourite industry friends who have supported us over the years. It is easy for me to get lost in my own world, and I have wanted to meet other designers I admire but have never met in person.

On February 27th, for one night, we took over the studio. We cleared the boardroom table of stone samples and set up seating for 12 dinner guests, including architects, art curators and interior designers. The cutlery and linens came from my own house, along with our family’s dining room chairs. I wanted the space to reflect my personal style and allow that familiarity to permeate the room.

It’s funny… our studio has been on Stafford Street for almost 20 years, and I have never used it for a sit-down event. It’s always been a place for work. Seeing it transform into a dark and moody dreamscape was amazing. Candlelight flickered from a half-dozen of our abd cast bronze cups, and for the centrepiece, I invited Jaime McCuaig of Gunnar Floral to fill potter vessels with fresh and verdant arrangements, including Oncidium orchids, Bells of Ireland and Persian lilies. Each floral was selected for its association with spring and new beginnings.

The intimacy of the night started with wine served in the showroom, followed by a dinner menu set by Stefanie Tortorella of Salt & Pepper Catering, who started us off with a Jerusalem artichoke and pear salad served on a base of baby gem, rocket and endive. Having worked with Stefanie for years as my go-to cuisine caterer, she knows my palette for fresh ingredients better than anyone and how I like social gatherings to feel personal and close-knit.

As the night moved toward dessert, with dark chocolate (my favourite) and cookies served in Japanese paper bowls, the conversations became evermore engaging, and sillier too, with guests realizing they’d worked together before or had the same frustrations. The room felt warm and alive, and I began to realize that we all are working in our own worlds and craving a break now and then just to connect. It was a magical way to form indelible bonds among old and new friends. It was a night I will never forget.

Florals: Gunnar
Catering: Salt & Pepper
Playlist: Spotify Jazz
Guest list: Quinn Baleja, Michael Barr, Tommy Cole, Jennifer Kudlats, Andrew Hill, Kim Lambert, Clarisa Llaneza, Laura Mann, Tommy Smythe

For the table setting, we used a mix of abd’s copper and blackened steel potter vessels, and our bronze cup to hold tea lights.

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