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abd furniture collection 2023

I am thrilled to announce the inaugural launch of the abd furniture collection. Introducing the first pieces now available at our shop.

When styling a room, I use the same creative thinking as do when I get dressed. It’s about finding my personal style by matching textures with colours and bringing light fabrics together with a heavier denim or wool. I love every piece of clothing in my closet but the real magic of fashion happens in the layering.

The same is true with furnishing a room. Each object and piece of furniture has its own character, loved for its impeccable quality and essential functionality. But when various elements come together, they create something altogether new, like individual words strung together to tell a story. Relationships form, and the mood changes.

For me, mixing and matching is by far the richest part of the design process. There is nothing I like more than seeing how objects change when they share a space. A classical stool upholstered in raw linen, like our abd Fringe Ottoman, looks completely rad when placed near an Ingo Maurer table lamp made of acrylic and 24-karat gold leaf. I always have an emotional reaction when I get the mix just right.

We designed our new collection with that kind of layering in mind. Our biggest dream is to see how each piece will express its own character and become a beloved family member in whatever space it eventually lives in.

After years of developing a discerning eye for spatial arrangements and testing out moments by adding something unexpected, the creative act of putting things together is now built into my DNA. As a designer, in work and life, one rule I always follow, to evolve in the best way possible, is to trust my instincts.


abd furniture collection :: the first 10 pieces :: september 25, 2023
abd furniture full collection launch :: november 2023

to view the pieces, visit the collection