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ashley's favourite mood resets

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been intrigued by scent and how it can change a mood or tease out beautiful memories. In our office, we regularly indulge in the sweet aromas of burning incense or change up the space with a fresh bundle of cut flowers. Facial mists offer a similar kind of fragrant refresh. Not only do they hydrate your skin, the gentle act of spritzing creates a pause in the day. I use mists regularly to transition my mind and emotions. I keep them stocked in my bathroom, at my desk, and in the car. Whenever I crave a reset, a refreshing mist is always within reach.

Jasmin Garden
by May Lindstrom

May Lindstrom’s Jasmin Garden is simply a gorgeous mix of clean ingredients: rose, cocoa, ylang-ylang, vanilla and, of course, that unbeatable sweet scent of jasmine, which dissolves away tension the moment it touches the skin. It’s my go-to when pivoting between ending one task and getting charged up to start another.

image from maylindstrom.com

Hydrating Floral Essence
by Tata Harper 

Scent can instantly take your mind and mood to places you want to be. The divine floral combination of rose, lavender and orange blossoms found in Tata Harper’s aromatic hydrosol always takes me back years ago to an awesome family trip in the Mediterranean.

image from tataharperskincare.com

Toning Mist
by F. Miller

F. Miller’s toning mist is one of my favourite multi-taskers. It preps the skin before and after applying makeup, leaving a dewy glow, while a host of botanical extracts help rejuvenate my cheeks, nose and eyelids. Sometimes you just need a mist that’s straightforward and to the point. 

image from fmillerskincare.com

Venus Rose Toner 
by Kari Jansen

I can’t help but dream of living in Ojai with this clean-scented formula created by Californian forger and gardener Kari Jansen, who grows most of the native herbs she uses in her studio-based apothecary. Free of synthetics and preservatives, you know Kari’s Venus Rose Toner is giving your pores a healthy, energizing boost of antioxidants.

image from poppyandsomeday.com

Ocean Face Mist
by Aman

Every time I use Aman’s Ocean face toner, I remember visiting the famed resort in the Dominican Republic while staying at the Playa Grande Beach Club. During that trip, I experienced an unforgettable cathartic movement class to reconnect my body and mind. For me, that beautiful memory is forever captured in this copper-infused mist.

image from shop.aman.com

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