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bringing the outside in

As we can all attest, 2021 had its ups and downs, but one definite highlight to the year for me was joining the abd team as an intermediate designer. In my initial meeting with Ashley, she mentioned a project coming down the pipeline that I would be taking the lead on, and this made me excited to get started. 

On my first site visit I was blown away by the gorgeous landscape. The colour of the water, the beach, the trees all create a backdrop to the ultra-modern structure created by architect Ray Murakami. 16ft floor to ceiling windows hug the interior, allowing the sunshine to radiate throughout the space and ensuring site-lines of the view were unobstructed. 

The juxtaposition of the modern glass box design and the very organic beach vibe outside is brilliant, and has been my challenge to morph the two with creative intent. Selecting the perfect pieces so as not to create a cold or minimal space, or a chunky oversized one either. Furnishings and materials took the lead from mother nature’s materials just outside of the glass. Stunning emerald marble celebrates the tall grasses, while travertine continues the hues as your toes transfer to the sand.

I sincerely love everything about this project and it is a testament to how you can create beautiful things when you are given the opportunity to explore. In hiring their team of architect, landscape architect and abd, our clients allow us the creative freedom as we work together to bring their vision to reality. What a wonderful opportunity that is, one that I don’t take lightly, yet energizes me to no end.


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