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parfum d'interieur at its best

A room that comes together beautifully does so by connecting with all of your senses. Whether it be where you wake up in the morning or where you unwind, scent plays an essential part in how we feel about a moment or an entire day. Some room sprays are energizing while others are relaxing. They all offer the opportunity to enhance your mood and change how you feel almost instantly. Here are five of our favourites…

Dans Mon Lit
by Frederic Malle

I’m not the only one who goes to a transcendent place when I smell an aromatic rose, so I keep Dans Mon Lit at my bedside. Frederic Malle’s linen spray is exceptionally light with the perfect amount of floral to give you the sensation of sleeping on a bed of rose petals. Besides my silk pillowcase, nothing is more appealing.

image from fredericmalle.com

Parfum D’Intérieur
by Smythe

I was thrilled when Smythe announced its first parfum d’interieur, launched with its Spring 2022 ready-to-wear collection. Everything about it is a #musthave. In a word, it is sublime. Fragrant, woody droplets take flight and settle into a room with provocative richness. It encourages me to relax and stay for a while.

image from shopsmythe.com

Terre Noire
by Mad et Len

The first time I discovered Mad et Len in NYC, it took me to a dark, moody and bewitching place. The seductive aroma of their potpourri and candles is housed in an equally stunning vessel. You know when you find something rare and unusual. Mad et Len makes my heart leap.

image from madetlen.com

Cotton Poplin
by Byredo

Imagine crawling into a bed of freshly washed linen sheets, the air is light, and an inner calm takes over. Cotton Poplin takes you there. One drop of its blue chamomile-infused aroma lets you escape to a place of contentment. This is just one of Byredo’s mesmerizing scents. Each has its way of refining a space. I’m in love with everything Byredo.

image from byredo.com

by Sandoval

Hand-made in California, Sandoval room sprays are heaven in a bottle. Peace offers the woody notes of palo santo blended with patchouli and frankincense to bring a calm and refreshing vibe to any room. When the mist flows through the air, you can sense its lightness. Each bottle contains an energy crystal to promote positivity and nurture the sensual energy of your spirit and home. I’m so in.

image from studiosandoval.com

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