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The Apple Box was one step in the exploration of my curiosities. To celebrate its launch, ABD partnered with Geary House to showcase and talk about my interpretation of this common object.

On November 12, 2018 we hosted an event in honour of Series 1., The Apple Box. There wasn’t just one reason why I wanted to celebrate its launch but I know that I wanted to orchestrate the night so that the Apple Box brought people together and start a conversation.

I envisioned visitors to weave in and out to see each of the apple boxes. There were 10 in total, all needing its own individual backdrop. Working with a set designer, we collaborated to design dimly lit panels which created a warm glow behind each box. I designed pedestals which my millworker executed perfectly which served to elevate each box physically so it could be better viewed, but also lifted the boxes presence. The raw plywood pedestals were a nod to the original, utilitarian apple box in real life… we flipped the switch. Charred apples, raw ply structures, delicate flowers and the aura and smell of woody candles all combined to create a mood that was warm, uncomplicated and authentic.

It was a successful night. Not only because the apple boxes were well received and a few found new homes, but because I grew from this event. I accomplished what I set out to do, and so much more. I followed a thought, through design to manufacturing and resulting in a gathering to showcase what I created. I realized that there is another dimension to what I do— I create something that can be talked about.

The pictures below capture the glow, buzz and mood of the gallery; a night that was truly meaningful to me both personally and professionally.