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apple box + f/w 2019

I truly believe that inspiration is all around us. My love of design doesn’t only fall within the realm of interiors. For those of you that know me, fashion is entwined into my very being. I can do away with trends, they put a wrinkle in my mojo. I love discovering, digging, and catching my eye on something that perhaps has not caught someone else’s.

Fashion has the ability to transcend boundaries both in the physical sense and in your mind. It is an expression; it builds on a sense of self and it allows you to experience first-hand the brilliance of the mind who created it. I admire greatly those fabulous minds in the fashion industry that push boundaries and follow their creative genius. Collaboration elevates and enriches everything we do, and when minds come together, we can surpass what we originally thought could be.

Christie and Andrea at Smythe are a great example of combining passions, innate talents and developed skills to create an impressive team. Their pieces highlight the beauty and strength of a woman’s figure, while at the same time celebrates its allure and sensuality. I was so moved when they wanted to feature the Apple Box by ABD in their FW 2019 campaign. For me, it highlighted how the Apple Box is what it is… it doesn’t demand presence or glory, it completes a feeling of balance. Sit on it, put something on it, or don’t…just leave it be…

Thank you to the iconic Canadian fashion house Smythe and their endlessly versatile, timeless, and relevant designs that give us something to aspire to every day. You win my heart every season.


Images courtesy of Smythe

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