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[series 1]

The original influence for these pieces comes from apple boxes used on film, video and photography sets. The utilitarian nature of the apple box is used as a tool to gain height when shooting a subject. It is straightforward in its form and highly valuable in its function. Our approach reflects upon the fundamentals of the apple box while elevating it for use in an interior setting. Our creative mission: How can we take something simple in form and function and explore our design ethos while maintaining its simplicity? 

I am always looking to create more dimension in an already 3-dimensional space. When designing a room, I need to feel the balance- the balance between materials, objects, furniture. The Apple Box by ABD is a piece that adds something that is required for me to complete the feeling of balance. It can stand alone and I can put space around it– this is often what I find a space needs. First and foremost, it is an object. You can put something on it, or you can sit on it … or you can let it be.

In creating the Apple Box, I was building on curiosities of my own. Manipulating materials–How light can we get the wood? How dark? Exploring woods that normally would be used in larger pieces, playing with bevels in the stone or lack of… all resulted in how the series came together.

As I dug deeper, the Apple Box structure became more refined and brought the unassuming apple box to another level with its finer details and materials.