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old meets new

As our Toronto midtown project transitions from construction to finishing, It is amazing to see the vision from paper to reality unfold.

This project has been a challenging one— and I LOVE that. This home has presence, character and history and the challenge was to honour that heritage while adapting it into a modern family home.

Construction started in May 2021 with underpinning, followed by a very engaging demolition and site protection to maintain historical architecture and details.

Beautiful details of the original home were so important to maintain throughout construction. The marquetry hardwood pattern and original plaster crown and ceiling medallions on the main floor dictated design decisions and layout, while the second-floor intercom system electrical required special attention as we automated the home and replaced lighting throughout. On the main floor, we used custom-designed grills in the 13.5” baseboards to replace the original distracting ones. This brings the grills out of eye level and sits flush within the baseboard creating a thoughtful solution to a necessary function within the home.

The clients on this project have provided essential feedback every step of the way. Their interest and willingness to contribute and engage has been instrumental in decisions and details throughout the home. They have been transparent with their opinions and provide a great balance of their needs and desires. Discussions of the feelings they receive from a space, how they flow through the home, and daily lifestyle all allow us to create a mindful space. Decisions are made that are thoughtful of behaviour patterns, creating subtle living experiences. In doing so, as our clients move through their home, they will use the space with ease and comfort.

There are also many thoughtful details of this project–some that are seen, some felt and some will go unnoticed … however all work together to create a space for our clients that will make them happy for years to come.

It has been an immersive experience in collaboration, teamwork and attention to detail—all things I love.

The opportunity to work with amazing clients, alongside a talented team and collaborate with skilled craftspeople is what gets me excited every morning and work.


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