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the ultimate carry-on kit

A special something that looks and smells incredible is one of my favourite indulgences while travelling. There are many ways I weave fragrance and comfort into my daily routine, even when I am on the move. Here are some go-to’s whenever I pack my bags.



Saint des Saints rubber incense

by Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle’s contemporary take on potpourri sachets is a total game changer. A thin rubber sleeve infused with incense slides between folded clothing like a sheet of paper. It diffuses a subtle blend of precious woods and patchouli and doesn’t overwhelm your nostrils the second you open your suitcase. I have them stored in every one of my family’s travel bags.


Oud Satin Mood roll-on perfume oil

by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

My skin is sensitive to perfume, so I prefer rolling rather than spraying. Oud Satin Mood is my potion of choice for its perfect blend of violet and rose essence. I love how French perfumer Francis Kurkdijan calls his alchemy style “fragrance wardrobing.” It is similar to how I use scent in my interiors: as an essential accessory that can transform a space into a fully immersive experience.


Lucuma and vanilla chocolate bar

by Fine & Raw

Based in Brooklyn, the Fine & Raw bean-to-bar chocolate shop is a wonderful, and relatively new, discovery for me, even though I adore chocolate and eat it almost every day. I don’t travel without a few bars to get me through a long flight. Their signature organic Lucuma and Vanilla combo is my latest crush, presented in an adorable paper sleeve and surrounded in a golden foil wrap. 


Silk pillowcase 

by Slip

Sleeping well is a challenge to master anytime, even more so when living out of a suitcase. I take every opportunity to make my hotel room feel as close to home as possible. Slip’s silk pillowcase is not something I ever forget to bring with me. It provides an unbelievably soft landing at the end of the day while being gentle on my skin and hair.


Hinoki hand sanitizer

by Flamingo Estates

At the height of the pandemic, Hinko hand sanitizer took hyper-cleanliness to another level. While it removes 99% of germs, it also leaves your fingers and palms exceptionally soft and bathed in the aromatic scent of a garden, where hinoki mixes with eucalyptus and rosemary. If you can find it, Hinko is worth stocking up on. The product is now discontinued but can sometimes be found online at a few remaining stores.