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pots that rock

Whether supporting an arrangement, single stem or simply standing on its own, a vase is a piece that I cannot do without.

I am forever in awe with how artists and creators explore this very versatile object. Materials, colour and form all come together to discover themselves in a new light. A few of my favourite makers are below… each so different, yet each brings so much brilliance to the table.

Alissa Coe

Alissa Coe Studio

The expression of subtle tension in Alissa Coe’s pieces shows us how fine porcelain can be in these mini statues with the most beautiful of outlines.

Alissa Coe lives and works in the forested hills of the Alta Langa in Piemonte, Italy. While inspired by modern yet classic design, her work absorbs the calm beauty of her surroundings- a combination that results in these magnificent pieces.


Images from Alissacoe.com

Mark Pavlovits

Mark Pavlovits Studio

The weight and fluidity of the glass in Mark Pavlovits pieces is majestic and offers any stem a place to shine all its glory.

Mark’s training in both Art and Gemology enables him to create thought provoking designs which are inspired by irregular patterns found in nature. Each piece of work is hand blown or assembled and fused in his Los Angeles studio.


Images from MarkPavlovits.com and artists Instagram

Maryam Riazi

How magnificent are these vessels, created to hold one stem… or none, yet provide presence either way.

Maryam is a self taught ceramic artist inspired by nature and all of its creatures, mountains, and plants. She works with love and patience which is so strongly embodied in the forms which her vessels slowly become.


Images from maryamriazi.com

Ashley Botten Design

We love the contrast of the assertive, black, rigid metal with a pure, cheerful flower.

With a love of design and adoration for flowers, ABD vessels offer stealth and structure so that flowers can be what they may. Stand alone or combine to create a grouping. Available in our shop.


Images from ashleybottendesign.com

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