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Abd is excited to present our first exhibition in partnership with Vessels + Sticks for DesignTO 2024.

This in-person exhibition titled “What If I Can Use It?” challenges the traditional boundaries between art and function. Sculptural ceramic artworks that are also usable, in perhaps slightly unpredictable ways, by artists Eden Bender, Julie Moon, Janab Osterman, and Zimra Beiner are displayed alongside abd’s objects and furniture to further explore the cultural divide between conceptual observation and useful product.

January 19 to 28, 2024
12pm to 4pm daily
Ashley Botten Design 
74 Stafford Street, Toronto

Photo by Patrick Biller
Ceramic vessel by Julie Moon
Copper Apple Box by Ashley Botten Design

We are thrilled that our exhibition with Vessels + Sticks was selected as the winner of a Juror’s Choice Award by artist, educator and arts facilitator Martin Gomes. The award is given by individual jurors for their favourite in any category (events, exhibitions, concepts, window installations etc).