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it’s how you saw

We love working with raw materials and are so inspired by the versatility of wood and the artistry of millworking. The pieces in the abd furniture collection explore the different cutting methods to yield different results. For example, Poppy’s flatsawn detail highlights the grain, while the treatment options accentuate the beauty of the wood grain.

We are very passionate about ensuring that the wood used in our pieces is ethically sourced and the materials used are toxin-free. It is pretty cool how the way in which the lumber is cut can significantly influence the vibe of a piece we create too boot.

In order to understand better when selecting your pieces, below are four different ways lumber is cut:

flat sawing

In this approach, the wood is sliced parallel to its growth rings, which gives varying grain patterns. Our Poppy table in sky grey highlights this beautifully and accentuates the grain dramatically. Go ahead- put your feet up… or put your drink down.

quarter sawing

Quarter sawing involves cutting the log at a right angle to its growth rings. This method produces a straight grain pattern, giving it distinctive rays of wood cells.

rift sawing

Rift sawing is a variation of quarter sawing that minimizes the angle between the growth rings and the face of wood. This method produces a straight grain, similar to quarter sawn, but without the distinctive ray pattern. Abd utilizes this cut on several custom pieces like the star table and easy desk.

live sawing

Live sawing involves cutting the log without any predetermined pattern. It produces a mix of flat, quarter, and rift-sawn boards from a single log, and results in a variety of grain patterns within the same batch, offering a more diverse visual appeal. 

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