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ashley's favourite hostess gifts

I love the summer for visiting + hanging out with friends outside of the city.

When heading out for the weekend, I pack my favourites– face mist, sunscreenchocolate, silk pillowcase and cozy clothes. These are my essentials when heading to cottage country, along with a special something in appreciation for the hospitality.

The following are my favourite from our collection as well as a few I love from others.

table linens

For those who appreciate an impressive table setting, Fors Studio’s napkin and runner set is perfect. Founders Muriel + Vanessa pour their passion for fine materials, craftsmanship, and tradition into their products. Made in Italy, their table linens are available in stunning colors that layer perfectly to create an intimate and gorgeous table setting. Ps. You know I love a good fringe.

blue cup

We collaborated with Nancy Pearce to create the bronze blue cup which was originally a stunning blue glass cup I had at home. I loved the size and shape of it.

Light a candle inside — the bronze reflection glows with the flame and is so pretty. Or simply incorporate when styling a bookshelf for a little kick in the pants.

olive oil

I love to give beautiful olive and  Flamingo Estates olive oil is one of my favourites. I love everything about it, including the story behind it. – If you are in Toronto and need it quickly, you can find it at Six by Gee Beauty.

salt bowl

Similar to our blue cup, Nancy immortalized my salt bowl into bronze. I always have palo Santo resting on it– the smells. oh the smells.

wooden board

For those skilled in the art of a good charcuterie board, I love to give one of abd’s wooden boards. They are available in walnut and maple depending on the vibe you are looking for.


This goes without saying. My favourite: Fine and Raw — For their clean ingredients, ethical sourcing, small batches and next-level flavour.

This past beautiful week in Muskoka, filled with a mix of work and play, has sparked an excitement within me for the summer ahead, and I can’t wait for more.

photo from forsstudio.com